Women and Equality

By Bobby Genower The White House, November 8th, 1961. President Kennedy’s 17th press conference. Kennedy has pioneered this regular, live televised “show” because he knows he’s good at it but also because he believes the American Press has a right to question the president, and the public has a right to hear his answers. During […]

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Has the symbolism of female solidarity digressed from the original campaign? ( Written by a Feminist)

A take on the movements ME TOO and TIME’S UP: Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for standing up against sexual misconduct and abuse, and I applaud the many who have voiced their traumatic experiences in the hope that justice will be served and that their stories will inspire others to do the same. However, there are certain […]

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Partisan Beauty

By Suwen Liew My profile is equivalent to my social sanity, where pictures form pedestals to society’s acceptance- a garden of eden. A monarchy, where gaudy flower crowns crown queens, and beauty is established through flushed filters of purity. Disguises that cleanse our flaws, correct them. But when unsheathed, make us feel explicitly raw to […]

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A Defensive of Dance

By Adri Garcia People don’t respect dance as an art form, a sport or a subject. They are wrong. They are wrong because first and foremost people just need to be respectful of others and their choices, just because I choose to do dance instead of chemistry it doesn’t make me any lesser than you. […]

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By Adri Garcia Have you ever wondered what people thought about you? Well, I haven’t, because my friends seem to be quite vocal about it already, and always have something to say about me. Every time I open my mouth, it’s usually always open as I suffer from verbal diarrhea (a problem where you speak […]

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Adri’s EPQ Journey

By Adri Garcia I am doing an EPQ I am doing an EPQ about fashion I am doing an EPQ about fashion in the 1920s I am making an artifact for my EPQ which is about fashion in the 1920s. The artifact that I am making is a dress. But to tell you exactly what […]

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