My Musical Inspirations

By Zach Quite often I feel like my musical inspirations are radically different to other people’, primarily due to my taste in music and my style of playing. However, my inspirations for my style of playing and the type of music I create myself. My inspirations, however, can be primarily boiled down to two artists, […]

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Film Scoring: The First Talkies

Previously, when the actors were silent, the film directors often had to convey or amplify an emotion by using different lighting and camera angles. Because now the actors were talking on-screen, the film directors had to highlight the actors with clear, bright light. The camera angles became more steady as well so all the attention […]

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Film scoring: The Silent Movies

You’ve all been to the cinema, right? Of course, you have. Every time we go to the cinema we have the expectation that apart from the dialogue, all the background noise and sound effects the movie will be accompanied by a lush orchestra or perhaps contemporary electronic music. Either way, there will be music underscoring […]

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Devendra Banhart 

Devendra Banhart is not your normal everyday guy – in fact, he’s quite the opposite. The Texas born, Venezuela raised singer/songwriter/painter is among the artists who started a new musical movement and created ‘freak folk’ in the early 2000s. He has recorded with Beck and Wu-Tang’s GAZA, founded a record label, performers in Carnegie Halls […]

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No.1 DJ Martin Garrix

THIS IS THE WORLD’S BEST DJ RN Name: Martijn Gerard Garritsen (Martin Garrix) Born: 14 May 1996 (Age 20), Amstelveen, Netherlands Occupation: DJ, Record Producer, Musician Genre: Big Room House, EDM, Progressive House, Electro House, Future Bass Website: “The reason I fell in love with electronic music was when I saw Tiesto in 2004 [at the Olympic Games […]

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Top 10 Female DJ’s

By Franek Zatonski and Lara Partridge This week, with International Women’s Day coming up, FunFranek & myself LameLara decided to muster together a top ten list of female DJs. It took a while considering the first thing that comes up when you search best female DJs on YouTube is hottest female DJs. This kind of […]

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