International Women’s Day – A Huffington Post Article of ’55 incredible photos of girls going to school around the world’

By Niamh Collins To begin, happy international women’s day! I want to say a big thank you to all the trailblazing women in the world and in my life, may we forever seek to emulate you, and in the words of Jane Fonda, continue to take the torch forward ourselves! When browsing through articles that […]

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Inspiration (or lack thereof)

By Sasha Rose Cook  a sigh. tortured. dramatic. (too dramatic). an impatient tap of fingernails against the spacebar. a desperate glance around the room. will the cupboards inspire me? how about the empty mug of tea (that i still haven’t rinsed) or the banana peel that’s slowly but steadily browning? nope. a sigh. a look […]

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By Suwen Liew Losing memory- Obelisks of time. Grand temples to be tampered with, inscribed into fading monoliths. Conjoined with a hidden history. Recollections and myths, scripts to consolidate. Papyrus scrolls for skin, And old ink for hieroglyphs -beginning to rub away. Away from reality and recollection. Days go by like blank canvases and white […]

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Partisan Beauty

By Suwen Liew My profile is equivalent to my social sanity, where pictures form pedestals to society’s acceptance- a garden of eden. A monarchy, where gaudy flower crowns crown queens, and beauty is established through flushed filters of purity. Disguises that cleanse our flaws, correct them. But when unsheathed, make us feel explicitly raw to […]

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By Elise Bugeja I’m back. Returned to what was old but now present Back to the waiting room. Punished to be waiting To be contemplating how we keep creating paths back to where we first felt safest. The place we’ve grown out of, its uncomfortable now. But we scavenge for any scraps of happiness that’s […]

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I Dentity

She is beautiful, just as required Her beauty filtered, her camera’s eye glows Squashed in a square sized box, her attire submitting my love as true as her bio Break the bound between this screen where I’m trapped My beauty-convincing, my data- selected On this pixilated podium I’m strapped Feasting on a trove of souls […]

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Hi I’m a Doormat

Hi I’m a doormat Walk all over me it’s what I’m here for Feel free to scrape and chafe the pavement precipitate, the dirt off the bottom of your shoes Onto my seemingly thick skin that’s smeared with a joyful welcome sign To brighten up your day Hi I’m a doormat Just leave me outside […]

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