By Fares Akhaoui Love Exposure The best film you’ve probably never seen or heard of *Content Warning* This is an insane movie. It contains sexually suggestive themes and images, disturbing but over the top imagery, a lot of violence and is 4 hours long. If you’re sensitive to anything that was listed do not watch […]


Franek’s photos from Poland

These images record  a protest march in Warsaw, Poland in July, this year. In response to the threat of judicial changes to the law that could compromise democracy, and permit more state control, people demonstrated their fears in a passionate and powerful way. I tried to capture this mood of protest and defiance, and I […]

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The Origins of Halloween

By Sophie Rieckmann Every year, on the 31st October, children across the United Kingdom (and elsewhere) celebrate an event known as Halloween. You’ve probably excitedly shouted ‘trick or treat’ more times than you can recall, but do you know why this night of sugary festivities came about in the first place? No? Well, allow me […]

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Film Scoring: The First Talkies

Previously, when the actors were silent, the film directors often had to convey or amplify an emotion by using different lighting and camera angles. Because now the actors were talking on-screen, the film directors had to highlight the actors with clear, bright light. The camera angles became more steady as well so all the attention […]

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