So another year begins – for some of you a return – for half of you the beginning of something new and strange…..HURTWOOD MUSE being one of the ‘unknowns”!  Thanks for taking a look – and welcome.  This is the place to add your thoughts – your MUSINGS – on life, the world and anything really that you want to say.   This is a student-centred writing forum – that will only exist if you all take part.  Take a browse and see what students have had to say – and then add something yourself – creative, thoughtful or provocative – this is your chance to build on your CV and writing confidence.


We would love your input if you feel like helping – but just writing and submitting material is great also.


Check out the details on the board in Hurtwood House – the corridor and opposite the bank machine.  Or simply mail  for advice – or to submit your material – which can be images, words, musings….


We will publish your material up on HURTWOOD MUSE – 0bviously checking for offensive or inappropriate material.  Then you get to see you work on the screen – and we guarantee that it is rewarding.  What are you wanting for? get writing !

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