My Musical Inspirations

By Zach

Quite often I feel like my musical inspirations are radically different to other people’, primarily due to my taste in music and my style of playing. However, my inspirations for my style of playing and the type of music I create myself. My inspirations, however, can be primarily boiled down to two artists, these being joe Satriani and Green Day.

I first became interested in their music when looking for songs that had a foundation built on guitar solos and instrumental rock. I came across Satriani first, however, after being exposed to Steve Vai shortly after, I decided that lead guitar and guitar composition was something I wanted to do. I then quickly learned that both these artists are extremely different in their technique and style of playing, and this has affected their choice of equipment and overall tone, as well as their methods.

Joe Satriani was my first inspiration, and after listening to hits of his such as ‘Always With Me, Always With You’ and ‘A Love Eternal,’ people could understand why his music was inspiring. Despite the simple theory of his methods, which are simple blues licks and scale based melodies, his use of legato and alternating scales kept the music from becoming repetitive while also expressing such a sense of emotion. This, coupled with his method of writing the melody first, then creating the rhythm and backing around it, allows total control and freedom over how the track will sound. He is also well known for making his tracks sound dreamlike, as they always have a sense of weightlessness and ease to them. This is primarily done through effects such as phasing and chorus. The use of these aspects ended up greatly influencing and inspiring me when it came to my music, as I began to create tracks based on my raw emotions, and using these effects to create dreamlike rhythms.

My other main influence comes from Billie Joe Armstrong, the lead guitarist and singer of Punk Rock band Green Day. In all honesty, his influence has primarily affected the styles of music and the topics I’ve written music about.

Billie, who grew up in the height of the early punk era, began writing at 14 about concepts that bothered him growing up, such as his sexuality and his childhood of getting drunk and partying. This contrasted many songs seen during his time, which were focused on love and relationships. Billie continued to write what he enjoyed. This ended up having a great influence, as I now write about concepts which matter to me, such as politics, being young, and the chaos that we have ended up calling the modern day (Sorry wrong meeting). He also has influenced my style of music when it comes to my music, especially my music with lyrics, as similarly to the music of Green Day (especially their albums Uno!, American Idiot, 21st Century Breakdown and Revolution Radio) my music has a rough tone, yet a similar rhythmic nature commonly seen in their music, and as a result, mine.


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