Inspiration (or lack thereof)

By Sasha Rose Cook 

a sigh.
(too dramatic).
an impatient tap
of fingernails
against the
a desperate
glance around
the room.
will the cupboards
inspire me?
how about the
empty mug of tea
(that i still
haven’t rinsed)
or the banana peel
that’s slowly but
steadily browning?
a sigh.
a look of annoyance.
current events, i think
as i pull up the daily
(oh god, what has he 
tweeted now?)
but still.
landscape pictures prove
about as boring as the
mountain of work
i’m steadily avoiding.
how about some
satirical humour
(making fun of things
is what i do best)
but the insults
fall flat as i realise
that making fun of
(sweatpants, cereal
at seven o’clock)
would be far easier
(and why on earth
would i do
so sighing
and tapping
and waiting for
inspiration to hit
it is.

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