Adri’s EPQ Journey

By Adri Garcia

I am doing an EPQ

I am doing an EPQ about fashion

I am doing an EPQ about fashion in the 1920s

I am making an artifact for my EPQ which is about fashion in the 1920s.
The artifact that I am making is a dress. But to tell you exactly what I am doing, I am looking into fashion in the 1920s, and how would a girl from a similar age and a working-class environment, where she doesn’t have money to throw away on high- end fashion, make a dress that would be fashionable.
So to put it, in short, I have created a person (Vivienne) and have given her a life (which I have had to research) in 1925 London.
Right now, if you ask me about my EPQ, I will tell you that I hate it. In fact I cannot stand the sight of it, thank the lord I have a mannequin with bits of clothes from the project hanging off at the end of my bed and I only see it every time that I am in my room, which seems to be a lot nowadays that I have to finish my EPQ (note the sarcasm). The reason why I can’t stand the sight of it is that lately, it is everything that I have been doing. I breathe dream and think (at the moment more like dread) EPQ.
But I am going to tell you something else, I also love it, and it is one of the things that will stand out and will remember once I leave Hurtwood. It is the fact that you get to do whatever you please and research whatever you are most interested in and do a year-long project.
I am impressed with myself, quite frankly, I cannot believe the number of hours, care dedication and quite literally sweat blood and tears that I have put in this effort.
You learn a lot about yourself and your year group making the EPQ. In terms of myself, I have been surprised at my organization skills and my capability of resolving a problem, which sounds very academic. In terms of my year group, I have learned who cannot persevere and doesn’t have a thick skin leaving an unfinished project behind. But most importantly, I have learned people for who they are and the values they stand for, so I am going to summarise them for you:


  • There are those who do it for the grades and getting into university, however, don’t care at all about what they are doing. These tend to be very competitive individuals who are usually quite egocentric.


  • There is another group of people who actually do an EPQ because they really care and love what they are doing and truly have a passion for it, so are really organized and on top of work. These are the people who are in love with the world and have a real hunger and thrive to learn rather than achieve.


  • Then the last batch of people who will make it this year is the ‘unorganised’ group, every time they hear the word EPQ they squirm covering their ears and rant about how little they have done and how much they have to do.

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