Why is there war in the world?

By Anna Temirova


War. The amount of money and time put into something terrible that might happen, preparing for destroying each other, to have their resources, honour, more respect, a place in history, to have good/better relationship with other countries, to have the land, a piece of earth that does not belong to us, something that nature gave to us humans, that we destroy for the pleasure and ‘need’, for comfort, we care for something that might happen more, than what is going on in the world right now, since we have such a big power over the world and this planet, why not help it? Soon enough it will turn into us fighting for one apple instead of working together getting the seeds out of it, and growing an apple tree. You see so many videos of future this and future that is better for the environment.  Well, if it is then why don’t we use them? I do not want future generations to take oxygen pills since towers replaced trees.



Why, if you are born in one specific piece/spot of earth do you become an enemy to most of the countries, and become the victim of hate? Why? Being born is the best gift you can get – as religion says.  If it is the best gift you can get then why don’t kids like it? A creative kid that wants to change the world by airing his opinion gets his mouth taped and a gun as a Christmas present, to be one of the bricks in the wall to protect ‘your land’, to protect your family -out of the clay and dirt of your land you train to become a steel brick just to get killed…and as an honour that your little name will be written on the wall of people that are ‘missed’ and ‘remembered’.  For as they believe, they fought for their little lives and families, only to be buried with their  brothers countrymen and go to paradise knowing… knowing you were there to fight, proudly lay there and become solid surface for people to walk on. And now go to the beginning:  instead of a gun for Christmas you get a golden medal, a golden medal just for being born, you are not in danger since there is a wall around you. Mom and Dad said that they are fighting for my safety, for my little precious life, so don’t worry, sit tight in your crib with a golden pacifier and it will all be good. You are the same clay, dirt, just covered in golden spray that gives you satisfaction and fame. When the war is over and I grow up Mom said they will thank me for saving ‘our’ land. A person who sat and looked, got all the respect for just saying: good job  everyone! And what about that kid that wanted to live with his family happily, and make their parents proud, not by dying, but by being alive and taking care of them when they are old, playing with their kids in the garden, learning and just enjoying this world, but no, once that kid is 18, he is in school, he just met his first love and it is so wonderful, he is just happy to be alive, but a Big Man comes, dresses him up in green and says: try your best not to die, oh and, shoot whatever is moving……

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