What IS going on in the world -CATALUNYA in particular? ( a VERY PERSONAL VIEW)

It unnerves me. It vexes me. It kills me –  what the world has come to?  We, the “westernerss” are meant to be a civilized society, but it seems there is nothing civilized about our existence. First of all, we look out for ourselves and only for ourselves. Second of all we are materialistic whether we like to admit it or not. Thirdly our societies – right now – seem to be  based on hatred, corruption and lies. I find myself admiring other societies: they may be less developed, but they are more honourable and have ideologies which they follow, as well as having an incredible sense of community and selflessness

Most of you must be thinking, she is only 17, how can she have such a negative outlook on the world? But after recent events it is impossible not to do so. Our political leaders who are meant to be an example for the rest of the country to follow, are sexist, racists, homophobic, corrupt or just illegal in every way possible. Take Trump for example, he is at least the first 3. Take the act of Brexit, I, personally, as a foreigner myself, feel quite rejected by the British community and believe it to be racist. Spain, well… if I ever started to talk about Spanish politicians I don’t think I would ever end.

On this note, I want to expand on what is happening in Spain at the moment

Spanish politicians are highly corrupt. I can’t expand on that, nor defend them. It’s a fact.

Catalunya for instance, has recently earned a lot of notice by the press across the world. Just before Brexit Catalunya voted out of Spain in a illegal referendum, this was 3 years ago. They however didn’t get the attention they sought as the world was focused on the controversies of Brexit. On the 1st of October 2017 another illegal referendum was celebrated in schools (which closed for the day as it was Sunday). The result of the referendum was to leave Spain. However….:

  • A minority of the Catalan population voted
  • People voted 3 or 4 times
  • The urns in which the votes were placed where opaque
  • A couple of urns fell as they were arriving to the schools and broke. They were full of votes before the voting had even started.

So it was definitely 100% representative of what the population wanted. Our fantastic president (note the sarcasm), of name Mariano Rajoy, did nothing. He ignored the subject as long as he could, not giving any statements about the referendum or what measures had to be taken. This tension was broken 5 days later on the Thursday 5th October 2017 when the king felt obliged to address the matter and gave a really inspiring speech where he said that all the politicians breaking the law and trying to break apart from Spain should be treated and processed as criminals (The act or intent of separation of any Spanish region from Spain is illegal according to the law 155). Rajoy then felt like he had to do something, so he gave a speech but did nothing, as usual. Today Friday 27th October 2017, is a sad day for Spanish democracy, as the Catalan government have had a secret vote in which 72 of them voted to leave Spain, 1 person abstained from voting, and 10 people voted not to leave Spain. Puidgedemont, the man responsible for all of this illegal business has been walking around for this past 27 days and is clearly not locked up in a cell rotting as he should be doing.

We have a problem now, because the vote was secret, we have no clue who voted to leave Spain and who didn’t, therefore the government cannot arrest anyone or put anyone into custody. But I am thinking, why shouldn’t everyone who was present in that room when voting go to jail? Because what I understand is illegal is the act of presenting and voting for that motion. But that is clearly not going to happen, as 80+ politicians would have to be processed, and that is expensive.

When the second referendum happened the Spanish police force, at least most of it, was sent to Cataluña to keep peace between the population. They were all thrown out of hotels by the Catalans. What on earth have we come to? Where are our morals?

These societies and contemporary way of life are encouraging division between humans, while at the same time chucking us together to work because of globalisation. How are we meant to survive? How can we stop this? Even though we say that the world has evolved in this past 2 decades, couldn’t we say that it has gone backwards and has unknitted everything that past generations have been carefully knitting for us? How are we going to get over the high levels of patriotism creating this massive divide between countries.

As I said at the beginning and want to reiterate: today has been a devastating day for the Spanish population and for society in general.

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