I am Flawed

By Andy Johnson
I am flawed.
 A Clawed  uncool
I  am the ghost voice  the wind  rustling the leaves of choice
working type
open caste
railing against  the type cast
  still playing as cast
and  you stand sure  at your shore
all beautiful tall long
singing siren songs
I stand  where the wind howls
Step  where the demons prowl
face of the dark
I have made a mark and at the same time fell short of a mark
I still admit to still hunting the snark
  But I try to hear  the song that tells me I am  ONLY
 I am mortal  
 I am the stag  stabbed with seven tines
You are the portal  to possibility painted with impossibility
in the draughty nights
I do my best
not blest
its a bitch
I think
 And I think I know where the world screams
And think I know the place where reason reams
Splits the seams  
I am ancient I am young
But always flung
Smoke Ghosts chase me
I sometimes weep
in my sleep
Keep me safe –  no you cant
And we sleep
Sleep perchance to dream of sleep
You may be re born
but god am I stubborn .
you are
No angel my angel
You are Masculine
While I am feline,
I am not The Hood
 deep down though – dark
I know what’s good
 could you be
 could you
be could you be loved
 Or gloved
 Could you
God forbid I may inspire before I tire  flopped out  gasping on this shore beached
on this finerunning sand  slipped through the hands

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