A Bursar’s Secret Life…

You would be surprised what lands on a Bursar’s desk. It isn’t always the obvious stuff like invoices, holiday requests, risk assessments, reports etc. Sometimes the more unusual things arrive like wheels from some fire hoses, a Playmobil princess and a birds nest!

Occasionally though, an airplane lands on the desk. When there is a bit of paper and some spare time, the Nakamura Lock can appear. The Nakamura Lock is the best paper airplane. It never fails to impress with its height, speed and direction. It’s perfect for a little target practice; light relief from a stressful moment or two; a way to keep the old sense of humour when it is packing its bag and running out of the door, or just the way to while away a sunny summer afternoon during Summer School.

A Bursar needs to be accurate, consistent, steady and fun and that is exactly what the Nakamura Lock is. Even better, its easy to work with, if not a little bit exacting, rather like me!

I recommend having a go at making one, but be careful where you throw it. You could hurt someone!

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