A taster: Why is there war in the world?

A taster paragraph from Anna Temirova’s upcoming musings!

War. The amount of money and time put into something terrible that might happen, preparing for destroying each other,to have their resources, honor, more respect, a place in history, to have good/better relationship with other countries,to have the land, a piece of earth that does not belong to us, something that nature gave to us humans, that we destroy for the pleasure and ‘need’,for comfort, we care for something that might happen more, than what is going on in the world right now, since we have such a big power over the world and this planet, why not help it? Soon enough it will turn into us fighting for one apple instead of working together getting the seeds out of it and growing an apple tree. You see so many videos of future this and future that is better for the environment,well, if it is then why don’t we use them. I do not want future generations to take oxygen pills since towers replaced trees.

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