So the summer has been enjoyed and now all the machinery of the academic year starts up again…. Welcome – back – to those of you who are returning as old hands…. And just as importantly – welcome to those of you who are just beginning your Hurtwood journey. You have made it this far – and hopefully onto the MUSE space ….so please read on…

What is MUSE?

Born early this year from the enthusiasm of its students, it is a school blog, a voice for your viewpoints, creativity, ideas, frustrations, personalities…… and we want you to be part of it.

Take a look….

Browse the material. You will soon see how various and creative your fellow students are, as they display their thoughts – from the images and artefacts, to the comic self-analysis and social observation. Enjoy it…..Now…..


To add your voice – on whatever subject or idea you fancy. This is your chance to have a say: perfection is not necessary – just real engagement – something of you. . Your images, summer experiences, recommendations, anything that you think worth saying. If you prefer, you can post material anonymously under MUSEVOICE; you can also add comments and responses to any of the posts in place.

All we ask

is that material is not offensive, and initially we filter material from you onto the site. To that end please send your material to one of the existing team;


– so welcome indeed. You will be bombarded with invitations to join all kinds of activities over the next few days and weeks, so here is one of them: why not add your voice to our school blog?

All of you – in some way or another are here to further your ultimate career prospects… and all of you will need to write in some capacity – to present yourselves to the world – to prospective admissions tutors, employers, investors, colleagues.

Many of you might have aims to be writers, journalists, creative thinkers….

What better way to get on that road than involving yourself now…

And being entirely pragmatic….ADD TO YOUR CV….GET WRITING NOW… we’re waiting to hear from you.

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