Death Taken Lightly

By Adri Garcia

Death taken lightly.

Many people throw their whole lives away philosophising on one question, ‘What is after death?’. There are many different theories and I shall cite them all.

– Afterlife; whether in the form of a heaven or another world, there is some other place after death.

– Reincarnation; process after death in which one’s soul embodies another body, this could be plant animal or human.

– (My personal favourite) Death is the end of our lives and there is nothing afterwards – except maybe being eaten by worms (the reincarnation of human souls into worm’s bodies). Well this definitely puts a smile on my face…

There probably are more theories, but I am not aware of them, so I will not tell you about them.

I am sorry, the title did say that I was going to take a light hearted perspective on death, I think I might have to try and start again. Here we go… Wish me luck…
I have something to confess… I have recently been quite obsessed with death, and I am not talking about the spiritual, nor the physical aspects of death, I have been obsessed with the legal aspects of death. I have asked my father hypothetical questions in which he always happened to be the (dead) example. If those hypothetical questions became true, he would have already died at least 10 times.
To make you understand better what I am trying to say, I shall offer you an example to illustrate the situation; this is one of the questions I asked my father:
– If you (my dad) were to die, what would happen to my phone?
I know this sounds silly, trust me, that is why I had to explain myself to my dad, and I will do it again just for you. My dad has my number under his phone account, therefore if he dies, income will stop coming, as he will have quite obviously ceased to work and therefore there will be no money going to his phone account which could lead to the phone company deleting his account and along with that cancelling all the numbers under his phone account. So even though it sounds like a very stupid question and there seems to be no connection between his death and my phone, in the case that my dad has an early departure from this world and I haven’t managed to get around to creating a phone account and transferred my number to it, the answer to such question would come pretty handy.
I may even try to captivate your attention with more examples:

– If you (my dad) were driving a car, and mum collided with you on another car and killed you, who would inherit the life insurance?

– If you (my dad) had a terminal illness i.e. cancer and had no money, would the government pay for treatment or would they leave you to rot and have a painful death?

– Would you be able to get life insurance after you discover you (my dad) are dying from a terminal illness?

– If you (my dad) died and had debts still left to pay, would I have to pay them?

– Does your family get paid your (my dad’s) life insurance if you have committed suicide?

– If mum was the person who would inherit your life insurance, and she is suspected of cold-bloodily murdering you, who would inherit your life insurance?

Do you know the answers to all of those? Probably not. Just wanted to instigate thought in those brains of yours.

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