The Dos and Don’ts of Pride Month for Straight People

Despite it being nearly halfway through pride month, I thought I’d make a little list of instructions for anyone wondering how to deal with the most fabulous time of the year:

1.Do celebrate and enjoy festivities of the queer community!
2.Don’t think you’re part of the queer community!
3.Do include every part of the LGBTQIA+ community.
4.Don’t think you can use queer slang that queer people use within the community. If you hear lesbians call each other ‘dyke’, it is not okay for you to do so. Trust me.
5.Do educate yourself! If there’s a letter in that acronym that you don’t know, look it up!
6.Don’t think the pride flag has seven colours like the rainbow. There are six.
7.Do support pride month by identifying yourself as an ally. What have you got to lose?
8.Don’t out someone whilst getting carried away with pride festivities. It’s easy to say something offhand that, if anyone was paying close enough attention, could out a closeted person. Don’t put a friend in that position.
9.Do become familiar with all the pride flags! There are so many beautiful pride flags out there. Learn a few!
10.Don’t get embarrassed if a friend goes overboard! For some people, pride month is the only real time they feel they can properly express themselves with no/reduced judgement. Let them do them!
11.Do understand that you won’t understand all aspects of the queer community. Not even the queer community fully understands itself! However:
12.Don’t disregard a part of the queer community if it is less publicised.
13.Do respect people’s pronouns! During pride month, it is especially important to be conscientious of these things.
14.Don’t use the word ‘gay’ as a negative adjective. It’s 2017.
15.Do stop straight people from using ‘gay’ as a negative adjective! It’s as simple as a quick “Please don’t use that word”. Having said that:
16.Don’t ask why queer people can use ‘gay’ as an adjective. They just can. It’s the same way the black community can say the n-word but nobody else can/should.
17.Do love and support queer people around you. All the time, but especially this month.
18.Don’t selectively ignore news about queer issues. Use pride month to share them and shed more light on them.
19.Do spread the word about pride month!
20.Don’t ask why there isn’t a straight pride month. Don’t do it. If it pops into your head, take the thought, wrap it up real tight, and throw it as far as you can.

With that said, enjoy pride month!

p.s. the gays have adopted babadook as a gay icon. enjoy your day.



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