Flash Fiction…

Cordoned in line. No sudden movements. My breath holds my essentials, my stomach holds my heart…

 Nobody make a move…

 We are stark statues, standing like some demented caterpillar. The livid blue hue of doom resting coldly on our eye lids. Stripped of makeup and things with too much personality, we are sunken into a dismal display of one another laden heavy with sharp greys and bleeding reds. The only life left residing in my eyes discharge their last fateful breath, finally maybe this pain will end. In a flash I’m fixed to my family I have known for all of an hour. An hour? At this point I’m conflicted as to what is family. Familiarity? A feeling of sense and a knowledge of surroundings? Clarity is long gone at this point. The only pieces of familiarity I have left are standing behind me, those frozen shadows who chose to subside at the bottom of what is left in the crumbs of a crippled humanity.

 A flash from the sharp glass green eyes of a lurking murky piece of authority viciously invades my space.  As I approach through the caustic fumes I see a recruited relic with an unfamiliar face I once knew. It’s gripping my self-worth and summoning my identity. It’s sickening nails, tease and grapple my dignity. A long bony finger extends to indicate the direction in which I will take my last shackled steps, where the judgment will take place. 8120- identity.

 I sit and wait for my decided fate. The result, that I will determine me so greatly, awaits me. She demands our attention. She takes a breath…

 Ensure you do not have any phones, smartwatches or anything that will give you an unfair advantage. Be sure to write your name, centre number and candidate number clearly in the spaces provided. Only wright in black pen. Your time starts… now.

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