The Comey Problem: What is Trump hiding?

By Sophie Rieckmann

The news fairly exploded on 9th of May when the world learned that President Trump had fired the director of the federal Bureau of Investigation. Supposedly, Comey was fired on the grounds of his approach to the Clinton email debacle, which haunted EVERY campaign speech made by Trump leading up to the elections. However, others suspect something rather more fishy…

It would come as no surprise for the public to learn that President Trump was not impressed with the FBI not finding sufficient evidence to legally condemn his nemesis, after it came out that Hillary Clinton had been “careless” with top-secret information when communicating via email. However, this does not make one bad at one’s job- it only hints at Trump’s “sore loser” attitude. It’s not Comey’s fault that Clinton did not break the law and that he has no grounds on which to persecute her, nor did he deal with the case indelicately. So, is this really a suitable charge?

I would say NO. As delicately pointed out by the sharper journalists who have commented on the story thus far, the FBI has recently had to investigate another allegation- this one being more serious than simply emails: Russia’s involvement (or lack of, as it may turn out) in the US elections. And surprise surprise, whose name gives face to the investigation… James Comey.

No wonder Trump may have something against this man! The vendetta’s been brewing ever since talk came about that the Trump team (and now administration) has much closer ties to Moscow than we are aware of. It would look tragic (but plausible) if after President Trump refuted claims that Russia had ever meddled in his presidential win over Clinton, the FBI confirmed that the system had truly been “rigged” (authentic Trump quote) by the Kremlin. Hmmmmm… suspicious…! Firing on the grounds of emails, no. Firing on the grounds of closing in on a gold-mine of information regarding crooked ways of the Trump administration, yes!

This also mirrors another political event of the previous century. President Nixon fired a man named Archibald Cox in 1973, who was a special prosecutor looking into the Watergate Scandal. This was a scandal which followed the break-in into the Democratic National Committee headquarters at the Watergate office complex in the capital. At the time, Nixon’s office tried to cover-up their involvement in the scandal, one of the actions being to fire Cox. When the scandal was eventually disclosed to the public, the USA descended into a Constitutional Crisis. The public were outraged by the firing of Cox- who had then promptly been replaced by another investigator by Nixon- and Nixon’s ‘concrete’ response was “I’m not a crook”. And this is precisely what many people are comparing Trump’s cations to. If there is any true resemblance, then this would mean that Trump has been involved in a conspiracy with Moscow, and that Western democracy is under a huge threat. It would also mean that the justice system of the USA would be seriously undermined by its own recently-elected President.

What do you think? Is this too much of a cynical take on Trump, and does he deserve the benefit of the doubt? Let’s wait and see…

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