Fine Art A Level – A2 work

The work shown here comprises of paintings, drawings, mono prints and lino cut prints, oil paintings, Installation work, mixed media and chemigrams, covering a variety of topics from a selection of students here at Hurtwood.

Daniel Chen

Daniel’s work on Architecture, Atmosphere and Abstraction was initially inspired by the artist Dennis Creffield. Daniel has looked at ways to convey Open spaces, dark interiors and Gothic buildings such as cathedrals/churches. He has explored a variety of composition, colour and structural line to depict his theme. His work ranges from drawing in pen and charcoal to printmaking and painting.

Daniel abstract & atmosphere 1

Daniel Abstract & Atmosphere 2

Daniel abstract Archtitecture and atmosphere

Daniel Architecture & Atmosphere 2

Daniel Architecture & Atmosphere

Daniel Asbtract architecture Rory Browne

Rory’s work is influenced by the work of Jeremy and Jose Parla where Rory has taken elements from his environment and travels to one of the Greek Islands, Siros, to convey hidden and forgotten meanings with a historical context in an abstracted way. Rory tends to use acrylic pens and paint with additives in a layering method to add depth to his work.

Rory Erosion

Laura Kennedy

Laura’s work of portraits explore the ideas and associations of Gender, Sexuality and Symbolism of colour. While her work on Erosion conveys a sense of time passing while recreating both visual and tactile qualities of a given surface. Laura loves to work in Mixed Media.

Laura Erosion

Laura Portraits

Isabel Pelling

Izzy’s work involving food, explore the concept of the everyday hidden possibility of infection and disease. Titled body of work ‘Invisible Threats’  – Modern society is concerned with infection and disease even though a lot are harmless. Izzy has visualised both elements of seen and unseen harmful and harmless bacteria existing together on our food in her image of cake, whereas the image of  the dinner plate just looks like a harmless tasty lunch. Izzy works primarily in acrylic paint with the occasional use of oil paint too. The flower portrait looks at light, structure and the idea of x-rays to examine the flower. This image was produced in oils.Izzy Flowers (1)

Izzy Food & Disease

Izzy Food 1

Izzy Food 2

Rosie Hill

Rosie’s work on portraits  started with looking at space and presence, that we, as humans occupy. It is said that we have an aura an emitted vibration that fills a space and trails of our presence are left behind and felt even if unseen. The work has been produced in acrylic paint.Rosie Portraits & memoryEvelyn Wandernorth

Evie began her work by investigating people and spaces and as her work developed she looked at structure and negative space, this piece of work  embodies both of these elements. The work was created in acrylic paint.

Evelyn Architecture & Abstraction

Yuri Wu

Yuri’s ideas on food are based around the obsession we have with it from gluttony to bulimia. She looked a variety of artists to aid stylisation and composition when composing her own photos to work from. The work has been produced in acrylic paint. The landscape of a café scene deals with ideas of distortion and has been beautifully executed in acrylics.

Yuri DistortionYuri Food 1 response

Yuri Food 2 TranscriptionYuri Food ObsessionsYuri Food Transcription

Tony Chen

Tony’s installation translates his investigation into ancient cultures such as Incan and Aztec, whose history has been recorded primarily through the use of language and Art. These element are preserved through time, connecting people, memory and culture. The installation uses boards that connect the threads of time which in turn map the routes taken by the Spanish when discovering new civilisations. The work is composed of mixed media and found objects discarded.

Tony Ancient Architecture & Cartography

Alexandra Beteeva

Alex’s depictions of food show a sense of traditional application and composition having looked at the work of the Flemish artists. She was concerned with looking at the symbolism associated with both the object, the colour and the composition of hidden geometry. The fig, olive and dates symbolise  notions of fertility, peace and woman. This painting was produced in acrylics on paper. The Persimmon fruit is symbolic of a long life and joy. This painting was a subtle combination of mixed media using acrylic paint and water colour pencils. Her portraits touch on elements of altered perception through subtle distortion of the face a sort of metamorphosis where we look twice as we see something isn’t right with the face. The series of portraits were completed in oils.

Alex Food & Symbolism 2

Alex Food & Symbolism

Alex Portraits & Distortion

Yinyin Ou

Yinyin’s work is based on the theme of isolation. The lone figure. She completed a series of wonderful lino cuts to represent this idea.Yin Yin Isolation.jpgYuliya Lapshyna

Yuliya’s portrait is based on themes of family and memory, the idea that we forget and move on, that parts of your recollection become altered, crumpled within the mind and sometimes discarded. This was one of a series of paintings that explored friends, family and events produced in acrylic paint.

Yuliya Portraits

Deema Elseif

Deema is exploring elements of nature, transferring and creating a surface. The work is exploratory and process led the work shown here are natural objects such as leaves and feathers and treated with developer straight onto light sensitive paper, the exposure is almost instant. This technique is known as Chemigrams.

Deema Chemigrams taken from nature.jpgAnne Braatz

Anne was exploring the theme of flowers, her work really took off once she utilised an illustrative style and combined this with mixed media backgrounds to achieve a very pleasing result.

Anne Mixed media Flowers.JPG


  1. Ali

    Really great to see some of this work out in the wider realm. I know you guys are great, I’m glad everyone else now gets the chance to see it! Well done all!


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