Top 10 Female DJ’s

By Franek Zatonski and Lara Partridge

This week, with International Women’s Day coming up, FunFranek & myself LameLara decided to muster together a top ten list of female DJs. It took a while considering the first thing that comes up when you search best female DJs on YouTube is hottest female DJs. This kind of disgrace is something we would like to combat, with this in mind, here is the final list of talented female DJs (they might be hot as well as the two are not mutually exclusive). Enjoy the music by clicking the blue links below.

1.Miss Kittin-1982 HQ


2.Blond:ish-it starts now


3.Nina Kraviz- Ghetto Kraviz


4. Miss Honey Dijon- Houze


5.B.Traits – Still Point


6.Ellen Alien- Way Out


7.TokiMonsta- Darkest (Dim)


8.The Black Madonna- He is the Voice I Hear


9.Dj Irene- You Gotta Pay Me


10.tINI – Medusa Meets Jack


Why don’t you get back to us with your thoughts?

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