Brain storming…mind-forged manacles

The ability to allow our minds to wonder and wander, and the freedom it has, (which is entirely debatable) is what shapes our limitations. The obstacles we permit ourselves to have, by subconsciously choosing which way to look, or actually where not to look, are only there because we created them; by depriving ourselves of this acceptance, the only thing we can have. Everything is a minimalistic concept of Nothing, and Anything is an irrelevant representation of a failed attempt on evolution. On a very simplistic level; by knowing that a scale of numbers from 1 – 10, is made up of numbers 1 – 10, is to know Everything there is. By knowing that in between those numbers, there are more numbers such as decimals, is to know Anything there is. However, by accepting that there are infinite factors between those numbers, that are so complex to be studied of explained, or even to exist (which relies on the ability of each individual mind) is to accept Nothing. Which is why Nothing is bigger than Anything and Everything.

By Eduarda Anguita

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