Why I don’t have a hobby

By Natalie Chiu

This is a rant. Or a ramble. Or both. Depends how you look at it.

Its one of the critical questions that people ask when meeting someone new, What do you do in your free time? I understand, its a necessary part of getting to know someone. However, something that seems necessary can easily become unnecessary when there is simply no point to asking the question in the first place. See, when youre someone like me, who doesnt have a hobby, it becomes a bit frustrating when you have to try and justify the reason as to why you do not have a hobby.

“So get a hobby.” One might plainly say. But there is another problem. I don’t like hobbies.

Ive tried, believe me. Ive danced, Ive sang, Ive drawn but no. I feel that once I start, I get bored. There comes a certain expectation of you when you start a hobby. Your parents are always asking about what youve done or your progress. It becomes an obligation. A duty, to complete your hobbies. I got tired of having these obligations so I came up with a solution. Stop having hobbies. Im proud to say that for about 5 years of my life, I havent had a hobby.

“So what do you do in your freetime?” People would then ask. Simple. I watch television and sleep. Now, if my parents were reading this, they would frown at the thought that I’m “wasting” my time doing frivolous things like watching TV and sleeping. My answer would be that it’s not wasted time if I enjoy my time.

Why should we have to feel like we are obligated to take part in a hobby? According Oxford dictionary, a hobby is an activity done regularly in ones leisure time for pleasure. Emphasis on the word pleasure. Therefore, if hobbies dont give you any pleasure, why spend your time doing it. Time you spend on a hobby that you dont enjoy is wasted time. See, I feel that life is all about living happily and stress free, cleansing your soul and releasing any negativity. Just ask a yoga instructor guru person, and Im sure theyll agree with my approach on life.

Now because Im a responsible human being, I choose to spend my time wisely, participating in an activity, a hobby, that is not only productive but a task that I can effortlessly achieve and find bliss in. And that is, watching TV and sleeping.

So to all you people who find the urge to ask me what my hobby is, let me just tell you now. No, I dont have a hobby. Yes, Im happy that I dont have a hobby. No, I do not want to hear about your hobby. And goodbye, because your incessant need to talk about hobbies is another negative aspect that I am cutting out of my life.


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