The Power of Imagination

If you could pick any superpower for one day, what would it be and why? Write your answer in the comments below before you read on.

That might have taken you a few minutes trying to decide how to out-power those around you, but I don’t blame you when you are faced with Marvel Superheroes like our beloved Iron-Man, QuickSilver, Thor, Dr Strange and much more it is pretty tough. We are trying daily to improve ourselves, whether it’s intellectually or physically, our aim is to reach the peak of our human potential. We spend our lives searching for something, an exceptional talent that will make us truly unique but what most of us are not realising is that we already possess such a talent, and that is our imagination. Unlike our dogs or cats who wake up, beg for some food and attention and then spend the rest of their dull day sleeping, humans are unique in that each one of us perceives the universe from an entirely different angle. We interpret life differently to our parents, best friend or teachers because our influences might have things in common, but they will be further enriched by ideas that inspire us personally.

Imagine the world without imagination and creativity. Now, what do you think will happen?

There won’t be any iPhones, laptops, houses, clothes or anything that you are currently surrounded by, because without imagination we will all be living like sheep, thinking about which section of grass to eat next without even trying to imagine what life might be like if we could sit on a cosy couch, with a book and a cup of tea, contemplating what our next big step is going to be. Imagination is a powerful force which has shaped the world, created language, culture, technology and everything else our brains have dared to give life to. We have an imagination that materialises the invisible, and we imagine worlds that do not exist. Whether it’s the world of Game of Thrones, The Hunger Games or a world based far into the future like Star Wars these are all alternatives, whether it’s for the better or worse, of the kind of lives we could be living.

“We have to take responsibility that we have been created to create and that we are all works of art and artists at work. There is no question whether we will create, the only question is what will you create?” There are some of you who are haunted by your imagination; you imagine the world where there is no poverty, a world of peace and sanctuary; where every country and every continent is economically stable, has normalised taboo subjects, accepted women as equals and where every child has access to education and health care. “You are imaging the world that has never been known, that has never been experienced”.

So, what kind of future will you create?

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  1. Meggie

    It is true that imagination is one of the most important treasure humans can possibly have. But everything has its good side as well as its bad side. Imagination can be a human potential that brings the world peace and make your life meaningful, but it is also one of the main reason that beings lots of people pain. Pets do not have imagination , although their day might be dull and boring, but they accept the way life is. But for human, it is different, imagination brings us hope but it could also make us depress. For example, if some people have a big dream but they never achieved it, what driven them crazy is not the fact they don’t succeed, but their imagination of what could be done and how different would they be if they are success. Some dreamers will achieve their goal but some of them won’t and we could not blame on them because sometimes they are just not lucky enough. It is their imagination that makes the dreamers depress and lose confident for themselves.
    But imagination does make our life colourful but it depends on how do we use it and when to use it.

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