What’s in a blog?

By Louise Haile
Words, words, words ….of course….But surely, I hear you say, there are already too many words in the world, as the wise and brilliant Alan Bennett has already observed?  Of course there are (although it clearly hasn’t stopped him, viz the recent publication of his Diaries) but why show restraint? Welcome to the world of a complete innocent – me – in the brave new world of THE BLOG… welcome to our Hurtwood MUSE. Approached by four lovely, talented, creative and enthusiastic students, fired up with literary energy, the only response is a resounding and (James) Joycean ‘YES’ . Joined by a glamorous technical specialist we are now open for business and ready for your input.
However, unusually I digress.  Back to that proposition …what is in a blog? Would it be ‘so sweet’ by any other name? ( Thank you Juliet).  The word itself has its linguistic challenges.  Something between the physical challenge of JOG, and the miasma of FOG, it could lead to FLOG (selling? punishing?) or the rather more philosophically simple DOG?  Or should we go the other way and look for links with the colloquial BLOKE? Or make the connection with SLOG….enough pretentious twaddle; the fact that it is quite patently not JOGGING is enough for me… write on.
 Our blog is your chance to join the conversation, the virtual  ‘crack’, where we can pool thoughts, pose questions, air enthusiasm, entertain, or just ‘pass the parcel ‘ in the words of Hector in ‘The History Boys’.  So come on… get it out there.   T S Eliot posed the question,  ‘How can I know what I think until I write it?’  So get writing so you know what you’re thinking…? Or something like that….


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